Fog Lifting…..Snowflakes Friday?

Good morning bloggers,

Visibilities dropped to near zero in some areas before sunrise with the formation of dense fog.  A weak wind shift will move through later this morning and it will wipe out the fog before noon.

Snowflakes are possible late Friday afternoon as a weak upper level disturbance will be approaching the region. There is a chance of showers increasing Friday afternoon and evening.  A few snowflakes or some sleet may mix in with some rain in these showers, but once again we aren’t expecting anything too organized.  There is a trend towards more organization and we will be going over the details on our newscasts today and tonight.  If this gets a bit more organized there will be a chance of some minor accumulation Friday evening.

The pattern continues to cycle and I just wrote up an extensive blog on the AO, the LRC, and more:  click here for details: LRC Weather Blog

The snowflake contest continues and if Friday’s chance goes by without an inch we will be down to the final dozen out of over 5,500 entries:


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24 comments to Fog Lifting…..Snowflakes Friday?

  • Fog? What fog??? I don’t see anything outside! ;) Goodluck to the last contestants!

  • KUweatherman

    Ive driven through some fog in my day, but that was definitely the densest fog I’ve seen in quite awhile. It was cool to see right at the Kansas River in Lawrence; we are just below the deck and it looked exactly like a fluffy blanket ~50′ off the ground.

  • Darkwolfe

    Irony. I just changed some flight times in Houston because of fog and now we have it here.

  • calikufan

    Great write up on the LRC blog. However, I was looking at the NWS and your 7 day forecast and I will take temps in the middle to upper 50s. I really enjoy not having to put gloves on to touch my steering wheel in the morning.

    Also, I cannot believe it has been the same temperatures now in January as it was last year in March and April! Unbelievable what a year does to the weather :-)

  • goodlifegardens

    Can’t get you a picture, but the daffodils and hostas are coming up. Is this the end of March?

    • mowermike


      not surprising, soil temps are really warm for this time of year. It won’t take much of a warm extended stretch of 60’s and 70’s to get things growing fast this year. (Many weeds are growing on the west and south exposures along with some cool season grasses) Looks likely if this pattern keeps up. The overnight lows are the key to a very early Spring. If we can stay relatively warm at night,(no temps below 25 or so)Spring will be here by early March. Fine by me.

      Our problem now, soil moisture…..It will be a slow Spring and not so pretty if we maintain this dry weather. Grass/trees/plants were severely stressed last summer and then again in mid-fall. Luckily, we got 200% of normal for Nov. and Dec. Otherwise, lots of dead shrubs/bushes/etc. this Spring. Yards are in bad shape too.(un-irrigated ones) I can see lots of $’s early in this Spring in renovations and plant replacements.

  • mowermike

    Lots of wind and snow this morning. Measured 7.3 inches and it is still snowing. Looks likely that we will get a foot before this ends sometime this afternoon. Great forecast, you predicted 9-12 inches yesterday and it looks like you will be dead on. Have a good day.

    Then I woke up…..it was a nice dream though.

  • krislauram

    So if it DOESN’T snow an inch this winter, does ANYONE win the contest?

    Also, I’m really concerned about the plants coming up this early. If we get a serious cold snap in Feb or March, we’ll really have to do a lot of work to protect those plants. I’m really praying that the fruit bearing trees and blueberry bushes hang on and don’t bloom too early, for fear of a cold snap ruining the whole kit and kaboodle!

  • R-Dub

    I’m not too worried about plants coming out early yet. We got down to the low teens or single digits 4 nights in a row last week, so it’s not like cold weather has been completely absent.

    I’m more worried about the dry conditions. Wondering if I need to do some watering soon.

    • krislauram

      I just went out to water the bed on the south side of my house, and sure enough! All three of my hydrangea bushes have leaf buds on them! The plants think it’s Spring, even though we know it’s still WINTER! I’m glad we had this conversation, though, b/c now I know that I will need to spend the next month protecting them when the temps drop down to a hard freeze. Check your plants, people! Otherwise, mowermike will be correct: lots of people will lose $ on the plants!

      • R-Dub

        I think as long as the buds are closed, they are still pretty freeze tolerant. Just have to make sure they don’t open up before a freeze.

        • R-Dub

          Trees and shrubs actually make the buds in summer for next spring, so they are not that tender or freeze sensitive.

          • krislauram

            Ok, I’ll keep that in mind! I’ll keep watching them, for sure! I have some 5 gallon buckets that I can put down on top of them pretty easily. They are young bushes, so that helps!

  • Hi Gary, We are big fans of yours, but we have moved to Dallas,TX. With the up coming tornado season we need to know what weather station to watch. Do yoiu have any suggestions?

  • krislauram

    The perennials need water…especially mine that are under the eaves in beds!

  • frigate

    Yes, we will need to do some kind of watering if we don’t get moisture. I checked the CoCoRaHs monthly precip totals for Missouri and one can draw a line from Springfield up to St Louis (I-44) with monthly precip totals of 2-3 inches and few over 3 inches…while north of that line, almost nothing.

  • weathermom

    I blame my son and his friends for this lack of snow. They are high school seniors, and it’s the the first year that they will not have to make up any snow days. So since September they have been planning for all these snow days. Obviously they are not happy and the snow “gods” are not listening to them.

  • mukustink

    25 bucks to speak with a live met. Really? Wow that’s like expensive. How many people actually pay you to speak to you? Just curious. Nice write up but it still doesn’t explain what went so very wrong with this winters forecast. Mower I heard Gary was standing up when I wrote this.

  • Jerry

    I see you just tweeted “Chance for snow to fall just in time for tomorrow evening’s commute! Many won’t believe it just because this winter has been snow-phobic!”

    Do you really think it’ll be cold enough to support snow during tomorrow afternoon/early evening? Looks far too warm to me.

  • McCabe58

    Jerry under what name did Gary say that on twitter? Can’t seem to find it…