Europe in deep freeze!

Good afternoon bloggers,

While we enjoy another 63° day, Europe has been thrown into the deep freeze.  Check out this report from today:

“Heavy snow has caused disruption across Europe, carpeting much of Italy to the south and Turkey to the east.  The freeze that has swept south through the continent has caused at least 80 deaths, mainly in Ukraine and Poland.  Temperatures were so low that some areas in Romania along the shores of the Black Sea froze.  In central Italy, heavy goods lorries were barred from motorways and several top-flight football matches have fallen victim to the wintry conditions.  Ukrainian officials reported that the number of deaths attributed to the freeze had risen to 43, with 13 people falling victim to hypothermia in the past 24 hours Schools and colleges in the capital, Kiev, were shut on Wednesday because of the severe cold. School closures were also reported in northern Greece, where temperatures of -16C (3F) were recorded.”

The Arctic Oscillation went negative, but the impact on the United States has for the weather to only get warmer.  But, not on the other side of the Northern Hemisphere!

Now, back to reality here in Kansas City where we have another 65 degree heading our way Thursday, but also a storm. I have question for you below:

As you can see, the latest NAM model has 1″ or more of rain forecast for this storm. It should be harder at this time of the year to get an inch of rain than an inch of snow. But, not this year!

How much rain do you think will fall?

A.  Under an inch

B. An inch to 1.5″

C. More than 1.5″

We will have our forecast on NBC Action News.



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35 comments to Europe in deep freeze!

  • Alex Pickman

    KCI – 1″ to 1.5″. Im going to say 1.45″

    Stj – >1″ Im going to say 1.65″

    Im still hoping this storm can surprise us, and bring some snow in on the back side, but these 60’s make me want to completely give up on Winter, go crappie fishing, and wait for snow next year lol.

  • frigate

    I’ll go optimistic and say 1.25 @ KCI

  • oh my gosh I cant believe it just found a crocus blooming in my yard..it was probably blooming yesterday too..NEVER seen them bloom this early before. Think it was nearly April last year..

    • Yeah, back in 2004 our crocuses started blooming in January as well. But then we had a couple inches of snow about a week later and they all froze.

  • mowermike

    My concern is that it will be one strong wave of rain and thunderstorms and then a dry slot. That may keep rainfall at around .75 inches or less.(still great for this time of year)I’m going with .69 inches at KCI. Heavier amounts in SE Neb. and Southern Iowa.

    Heavy snow from Omaha back to Denver. Needed moisture for them too. Things might green up a little after the rains Friday. Soil temps are relatively warm for this time of year. A few more weeks of this mild air and we may see some early growth.(some already)

    Just amazing we haven’t had any snows yet.

    I have 2000 tons of salt for sale down at my warehouse if anybody is interested in it. I also have 15 plows up for sale. I’ll give a bulk deal…..any takers????

    • Mike,

      Is it your concern or your fear? Most of the models have hours of rain before the dry slot gets here, but it is something I am also concerned about.


      • mowermike

        Just a concern. But, the rain storms have been good to us this winter. Since Nov. 1st, all big storms have produced 1″+ amounts. We have seen a 35 day dry stretch lately, but that’s not too uncommon for KC during the winter months.

        What if this storm was 100 miles further South, then KC would have half of your predicted snowfall for the winter season this Friday and Saturday. It’s just that close. I’m just in shock that not one of these big rain makers since Nov. has produced a good snow.

        • Mike,

          We 100% agree. This storm still could track farther south. We would need it to track about a half a state south and snow would be much more likely.


  • Does anyone know where the snowline would fall as you move north towards Nebraska or is it going to be all rain?

  • hippygoth

    I think B, with it being more towards the 1.5″ than 1″

    Maybe this should be the replacement for the snow contest, guess what date/time the first inch of rain falls in Feb… :)

    Fantastic day, maybe it’s just the good factor kicking in, but some patches of grass in the sunshine all day are looking somewhat greener.


  • Ladybug

    Really hoping for some snow Saturday, since it is my birthday. Seems like it never snow on birthday though, so I doubt it.

  • cweb

    2000 tons. Thats quite an operation. Ours is much smaller, 200ish tons on the ground,6 trucks. Is there any hope for some legit snow. I am to the point now that we will suspend insurance and oil everything down. If that doesnt make it snow than nothing will.

  • mowermike


    Good thing about unused salt, it will be there next year.(already paid for)There’s been a plus to the mild weather though, my crews have been doing some landscape installs and irrigation installs.

    I’m thinking we will catch lighting in a bottle as we move through Feb. and early March as far as some snow storms. Warm either side of the snows.

  • cweb

    Yep, the salt is like a savings account. And Im not greedy, just 2 or 3 little storms would suit me just fine.

  • Brocksmama

    Inch to an inch and a half…

  • Omalleyd16

    9 inches of rain.

  • blizzard68

    Iam thinking less then a 1/2 an inch of rain in Leavenworth.

  • I’m guessing generally less than an inch and no snow.

  • Brett Budach

    How do the winds look like on Saturday after our storm moves by? I am going on a birding “field trip” with the Kansas Ornithological Society, and wind is not a birders friend. Light winds, overcast, with spotty showers would be perfect! Wind ruins everything, though. NWS predicts gusty winds friday night….

  • Emaw

    Another reason I’m glad I don’t live in Europe.

  • Theo

    Over 2 inches at KCI. Heavy Thunderstorms about 4am Friday. Nothing severe, just some loud thunder.

  • trinlivco

    Gary, Really hope the Chillicothe area gets the 2″ rain. Its really dry in our area. TR

  • So if Europe is now experiencing the cold, what are the chances that we would see this? I also wonder what Europe was like last year, when we had all the cold and snow? It would seem logical that if we’re on similar latitudes, that the cold would have a good chance of circling the globe…

  • f00dl3

    What has been happening will continue to happen this winter. Recurring cycle.

  • Kcchamps

    Latest NAM gives the metro 2.5-3″ of rain. I noticed however that the storm appeared to track a little further south. Maybe it is the start of a trend?

  • cweb

    appears to need a hundred mile shift more than a southward trend.

  • f00dl3

    NAM is always bullish on the southward tracks / cold.

  • f00dl3

    I’m thinking we have our first 80 degree day before February is done. May have 5 or 6 days in the 70s as well.

  • OlatheMatt

    As much as I love snow, we need a lot of rain. All the farm roads/fields are really dusty. You want to keep the windows down because its so nice, but the dirt/dust comes in the cab when you stop. The horses are wanting some fresh greens and not their dry hay. I actually saw some new green grass growing today and yesterday.

  • Kcchamps

    Latest NAM continues the trend south and brings the snow a little closer but still all rain for the metro. If it continues to trend south we could be in for snow

  • Omalleyd16

    Sweet Kcchamps. Could you post some links to the models?

  • Kcchamps