First blog, Hurricane Earl, Strong Cold front

Good afternoon bloggers and welcome to the new Action Weather Blog,

There is a lot to go over today, but let’s begin with the new blog.   We are very excited to share this new format with all of you as we can again grow this way of sharing Kansas City’s exciting weather.  Let us know what you think as we still are evolving into this new format.  Here is a message from Bill Smith:

This is Bill Smith, Site Director for NBC Action News. I wanted to thank you all for your patience as we updated and went through many growing pains with the blog. You spoke and we listened to what you were looking for, namely a better two-way conversation with Gary, Brett, George, Jeff and your fellow bloggers.

With this new blog, we hope you all can better enjoy the community you have grown over the years. We have added some new tools to improve commenting, and as many folks have already seen, we have added Facebook connect, allowing you to log in to the blog using you Facebook profile and pic.

This version of the blog is still being crafted, and some visual elements may be changing, but Gary and the team are excited and ready to go with this new version. As always, if you have thoughts our ideas on the blog, let me know.

Bill Smith
Site Director, NBC Action News

So, onto our weather situation.  We just had a lot of rain around the metro area. KCI Airport had 3.38″.  How much rain did you receive?

Rainfall totals:

  • KCI Airport:  3.38″

Hurricane Earl tops the weather news today. It is a strong hurricane and seemingly strengthening today.  Our sister station in Baltimore has requested some assistance from our very own meteorologist Jeff Penner, so he is on his way to Baltimore today to help with their coverage of this dangerous storm that will likely be very close to the east coast of the United States the next two to three days.  Let’s wish Jeff luck. We will have him do a blog on his experience in a few days. Anyway, take a look at this mornings NAM model forecast for Thursday afternoon:

On this map, not only can you see the strong hurricane forecast to be approaching North Carolina, but you can also see a strong cold front moving through eastern Kansas and western Missouri.  As this front moves through we can expect a line of thunderstorms to develop and then much cooler air will move in with some area temperatures dropping into the upper 40s by Saturday morning! Now we are into September!

This is the NAM model forecast. The GFS actually is forecasting Earl to be even closer to the coast.  This is definitely a close call for the east coast and a slight westward shift would bring some horrible consequences to many eastern cities.  So, let’s hope it stays offshore.  High pressure is settling over our area for a beautiful day on Friday.  And here is a close up version of the NAM forecast of Earl on Friday evening:

There is a lot more to go over and we will be discussing these things on NBC Action News in HD at 5, 6, and 10 PM tonight.  Again, let us know what you think of this new blog, and we will once again be able to interact with you and share in your weather experience. Please be patient as we all learn how this is going to work.

Gary Lezak and the NBC Action Weather Team

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113 comments to First blog, Hurricane Earl, Strong Cold front

  • An error occurred with NBC Action News Weather Blog. Please try again later.

    Got this error when trying to connect with Facebook, plus may be worth nothing that if you are using Google Chrome browser with Flashblock, you’ll need to disable it for this site. :)

    other than that, will enjoy using wordpress more than the last.. Plus, the tire ad needs to go. Someone has got to have enough clout to make this ad go away without weeks of committee discussions.. :)

  • penguin

    This will be a much friendlier format for both your staff and the listeners.

    One thing I would recommend is learn to use the “Insert More” button. This way only a small portion of the post is on the front page.

    It will keep the front page nicer and easier to read. :)

  • toothdoc

    Do my eyes deceive me? Is it finally the new, new blog? Let the winter weather wishcasting begin.

  • Much better visually, thanks guys!
    It will be interesting to see what the rainfall totals will be when this is all done. I fell asleep to the sound of rain and when I woke up it was still raining. I don’t think I have slept that soundly in quite awhile.

  • Mary

    LOVE IT!! Thanks for listening to the cries of the masses. Looking forward to getting back into reading this every morning again.

  • frigate


    Yea!!!! Its early…but I’m impressed with the new blog…looks GREAT besides much more user friendly.

    BTW, SW Grain Valley when I checked the gage at 6:30 this morning I had 2.33 from last nights storms… it was still raining though, so sure that total will be closer to two and half.


  • Now if the tire ad would just go away.

    • Websites aren’t free. Someone has to pay the bills. If indeed that is the only complaint, I would say this revamp is a raving success!

      • I agree, but there is no excuse for poor ads that take away from the experience of the site…

      • MsGardener

        Ads are fine, I know they pay the bills. The ones that bug me are the ones that expand and crawl across the screen. I’m getting pretty clever at finding the carefully hidden “close” links, but it’s still annoying.

  • tharrison

    awesome Gary! thanks!

  • Looks like we have a winner here.

    Now turn on the auto posting with the FB Connect plug-in and when the weather team makes new blog entries they will be posted to our walls as-well! Which will in turn drive more traffic to your site.

    Great job!

  • Excellent work. Thank you!


  • olathedave

    So far so good.

  • wintersucks

    winterstinks is back after soem time away enjoying summer had to change my name , i well be blogging everysday of how cold weather and winterstinks, hope to see soem of my old buddies on here winterstinks out

  • 5 inches of rain today plus the 1/2 inch from yesterday is a lot of rain near Pleasant hill, Mo.

  • That’s was suppose to say “close to” 5 inches today. . . It was about 4.75 total today.

  • Kristy

    I really like the new blog!!! Here in SE Lee’s Summit I received 2.35in.

  • Love the new format Gary! Thanks for listening to us and improving the blog. Received 2.63″ in Piper, KS. See on radar more is coming. This is already more than I received in all of August.

    I wrote this on the last blog in the old format…..when I try to register for the 3 Degree Warranty, it gives me an error that I have already entered for this period. I have not been able to register for 3 months now. Any idea how to fix this?

  • JCorrell

    I am not sure I want everyone seeing my FB page so I might just use the regualr sign in from before. I hope it clears off and warms up soon. I am freezing.

  • Annie

    I am a long time reader of this blog, but this is the first time I have registered and commented. First of all, I do like the new format, but most of all, I hope all contributors will be respectful of each other. Just an aside: if I understand Penguin correctly about the use of the “more” button, I would just like to say that I would prefer to read an entire without having to click anything. If I misunderstood, then sorry.

  • micshell13

    Love the new blog! I am not adverse to change, but the change from the old blog was horrible! Like being able to see more responses and older blogs!

  • jsakearneymo

    Glad to see the blog is user friendly again.

  • sportsfreaked

    BILL SMITH>>>>> Thanks for listening to your readers/viewers!!! This is much better!

    GARY>>>>… Thanks for bringing back the blog to a more usefull format!! I missed reading and learning from your post. Now I have to get used to coming here again EVERYDAY!!

  • StormyWX

    Ah! It is like a breath of fresh air this new and improved blog is!

  • Guess I’ll use my FB to log in here from now on. Received about 2.12 inches at my house near NE Vivion and Davidson in the Northland.

    Glad to see a more user-friendly blog back!!

  • Went on vacation to New England about a month too early. Still, the surf was 3 to 5 feet high on the coast of Rhode Island early in August, large enough to knock my 13 year old daughter down twice.

  • Mr. Steve

    Wowee Kazowee!


  • MsGardener

    See Gary? All it took was a few thousand pizzas delivered to the IT guys, and you got your new blog!

    I know Olathe reported just .11″ today, but we are 5 miles SW of the reporting station,. JoCo Executive, and we got 1.4″.

    Question, in order to display a photo avatar, do you have to use Facebook to access this site?

    • Mr. Steve

      Them fast two pizza teams work miracles don’t they?

    • MsGardener, looks like that may be the case. Go up to the top to where it says “Welcome, MsGardener!” and click “edit profile” right underneath that. In my profile, it doesn’t let me change my avatar, but that may be because I connected with my facebook. It could be different for you, but I don’t know.

      • MsGardener

        Thanks, Dwx, I clicked on someone’s avatar and it took me to their FB page, which of course, displays their real full name. I have already felt a little creeped out in here in the past…and that was without broadcasting my full name. I’ll just remain avatar-less!

  • jeremew

    love the new layout! this will keep me coming back, the other blog did not want to keep me coming back :) nice work guys

  • Greenstein

    I’m really enjoying the new blog format. Great job to the entire team for making these improvements.

    I’m very much looking forward to the upcoming cooler weather!!!

  • LuvSnow

    Nothing like a good blog to get people back to commenting on here. Nice work Gary and team!!

  • It seems we may have broken the comments record for the past couple of months already, and there’s not really that much interesting weather going on (in this part of the country that is)!

  • Thank you bloggers. Thanks for the feedback. I am currently working on getting the weathercasts put together. I will check in later and respond to as many comments as I can.


  • RickMckc

    Thanks Gary and team, for bringing this back to a useable and user-friendly format!

    Welcome back, Wintersucks/stinks/whatever … only three months til the beginning of meteorological winter! :)


  • FYI, I’ve been known as sedsinkc on this blog until now…

    • And you still can be.

      Click on edit profile under your name in the top right of the blog. Then on the profile page you can edit your email, 1st and last name and also a nickname. The click the drop down menu next to be know publicly has and choose your nickname.

  • Farmgirl

    Yeah! Finally something that is easier to read. Glad to see the rain… Finally. Most folks are not going to get a second cutting of hay this year as it turned off too hot and dry. But at least this rain will help the pastures green up a bit so I can reduce the amount of hay being fed.

    Glad to see we had a garden variety shower and not a deludge of rain at one time.

  • 1.12″ less than a mile from Johnson County Executive Airport as of 3:20.

  • jaygirl

    Terrific Gary and team. And it even works on a mobile device. Thank you!

  • Color me a happy commenter as well. Great layout, I feel like I can “breathe” again in here. Ready to read everybody’s links again and I really think this is exactly what everybody was hoping for back a few months ago.

    THIS feels like a blog again, and not something corporate was shoving down our throats.

    Love that we can reply to people’s comments directly rather that surfing to see what somebody was referring to.

    Its great that Gary’s comments/responses are highlighted.

    And very happy that we can read everybody’s FULL comments without 18 clicks.

    Thanks to Bill, Gary and the rest of the team for listening to all our gripes.

  • Man, I can not wait for cooler temperatures. I was just thinking about a month ago to myself that I couldn’t fathom wanting to see cold weather I am wishing for it.. this humidity stinks… please let it end..

  • mamaof3girls

    So happy to see this new format, MUCH better, thanks Bill, Gary and everyone else! I am happy to report my rainfall total of 2.66 inches and man did we need it. Those of us living in SE KS are thrilled we finally got some measurable rain.I am ready to kick summer to the curb and bring on fall!!!
    Pleasanton, KS

  • On water vapor imagery it’s easy to see the trough that is going to turn Earl to the north and northeast. The shape and speed of the trough as it progresses east will be critical to the exact direction Earl moves. Right now, it looks like the angle of the eastern limb of the trough is almost exactly parallel to the general direction of the Atlantic coast from North Carolina to Maine. This shape could still change, possibly flatten a little, but right now the critical factor will be how close the center comes to the coast before the turn to the northeast. If the center gets right to the coast before turning, it could hug the coast all the way to Maine if the trough does not flatten some. This is NOT the most likely scenario, but it is a possibility. If it turns NE sooner, while still offshore, the Northeast will be less affected. The Northeast will also be on the weak side of the storm, so that will also help, esp. as the storm accelerates to the northeast. This forward momentum will lower the wind speeds northwest of the center and keep the strongest winds to the east of the center, well offshore.

    • Sedinkc,

      It just has to stay on the northwest course a few hours longer and there will be major impacts. But, I lean in the direction of it curving far enough offshore where the impacts will more likely be minimal.


      • MsGardener

        From your keyboard to God’s ear, Gary. I have a great friend who lives and owns a seafood restaurant on Barnegat Light, NJ. It’s on Long Beach Island, a long and extremely narrow (.4 mile!) barrier island just off the coast of NJ and just south of Atlantic City. It is such a beautiful place, but I have always thought it seemed so vulnerable in the event of a hurricane. I’m praying Earl takes a distinct right turn, and soon.

  • Jerry

    How do I add a profile picture if I’m not logging in via facebook?

  • Emaw

    We had .50 in north Olathe today.

  • Adogg

    This is much much better!!! Looking forward to once again participating in the blog!

  • I love that we can reply to each others comments!!! Thank You!!! :)

  • mwasleski

    Thank you THANK you for changing the blog format. This is so much better, and reminds me of the original format. I would prefer you NOT to use the “read more” function, I like being able to read the whole blog post without having to click on a “More” button.

    Looking forward to the fall weather coming later this week.


  • LBF1958

    The new blog ROCKS! I’m a daily reader again! Regarding the ads, I don’t mind as long as they don’t scroll across the screen I’m trying to read or make the screen go up and down.

    Great job guys!

  • Jayhawkie

    I have not posted anything since you changed formats. This is SOOOOO much better!!! I will enjoy reading the blog again!!! Thanks Gary and team!!!

  • benchwarmer

    Much better. We have crossed through the wasteland finally. I had almost given up. I like seeing the whole blog entry and all comments in their entirety. I especially like Gary’s responses highlighted as those are what interest me most as they teach me something about the weather. Thanks.

    Here in Atchison County, MO, at my home in Rock Port we received about 4 inches of rain. I heard reports, unverified, of nearly 9 inches near Westboro and lots of tree damage in Tarkio.

  • stormlover

    So glad to have the blog back!! I got 2.30 inches this morning & another .2 for a total of 2.5 in Liberty.

  • pjjayhawk

    we had 0.60 inches of rain in Shawnee at 435 & Shawnee Msn Pkwy, most before 8 AM

  • EMPulse

    I LOVE the new blog! Don’t ever change!

  • Jeri C.

    Dick McGowan notes an “amzing supercell” in Russell KS.
    ChaserTV notes: AWESOME Stream from Brandon Sullivan in Kansas #twc #kswx

  • Jeri C.

    I guess links are bad. I posted one to a chaser site over an hour ago and it has yet to be moderated.

    • Bill Smith


      Thanks for the patience, we are trying to make the moderation as fast and still safe as possible.

      Bill Smith

  • bewild79

    Wow…I really like the new blog!! Great job!!

  • Secret Muffin

    I thought I killed the blog when it was stuck for so long not updating posts. Whew!

  • Angela

    Where can we upload pictures? Not just for our personal avatar pic but just general sharing of weather photos.

    • Bill Smith


      I am actually working on another solution for this thing as well. Currently, you can submit them to the station via e-mail at or register to the main site and post them in your own galleries. Our plans are to make an easy gallery specifically for weather.

      Bill Smith

  • Jeri/Tina – there is a way to use your FB login without the link pointing back to your FB page. I have mine set to a null link.

  • Ok I am in under FB, so let me try .

  • Wow, this is nice, there are 80+ comments once again on this weather blog! I was actually excited to jump on here and check out the comments…

  • WinterWalleye

    Finally! A blog I can actually log on to! This format is super awesome, and just in time for exciting weather. :)

  • Gary, Don’t know if you ever got my email, but here are some sunset pics I took back in July when I was in FL.

  • Be advised, every post you make before you change to a null link, still shows the original link.

    Well happy to see a good blog and hopeful it stays sane.

  • Mike6

    Just wanted to say Kudos on the New Blog Very nice, so much more user friendly. 2.28 inches in Greenwood from the last storm.

  • Happy to see a real blog again!!

  • great new format gary

  • Long time lurker, first time poster.
    Gotta say, I do like this “new” blog. While not the same as the ole’ one that I enjoyed the most, but it captures that feeling and gets rid of the flaws (IMO) from the blog that was launched. I really had a tough time with that one, especially with reading comments.
    I look forward to being able to take part in the great (and not so great) discussions that will happen.
    Jamie S. S.
    PS- Yes, I’m a winter weather lover, too.

  • Wow, 102 comments! When was the last time that happened?

  • We had small hail last night between buckner and grain valley, lasted about a minute, pebble size

  • Screaming Yellow Zonker

    Love the new blog!

    Now, how about my sister’s scheduled beach trip to the Outer Banks Sept. 13-19???

    Should she go? Stay home and batten down the hatches? thanks