Friday Weather Thoughts

Good morning bloggers,

It’s Friday!  TGIF!   The weather pattern is quite fascinating as the new LRC unfolds before our eyes in the next few weeks.  Be careful about making any conclusions at this point. Remember Kansas City has had four straight years with very bad patterns for us weather enthusiasts. The total snowfall for the past four years has been around 30″. Divide that number by four and you get around 7″ per winter.  That is as if we have been moved to Oklahoma City, where they average close to that number.  So, hang on. There is a lot more of this pattern for us to experience, four to six more weeks.



A low pressure area is tracking north of the Great Lakes.  There is a weak wave cyclone associated with this system, and there is a trough (black dashed line) moving across the Great Lakes extending southwest to just north of KC by this evening. This will allow for another big warm up today, and I wouldn’t be shocked if it gets close to 70 degrees in spots.  That cold front (blue line) is tracking across the USA/Canada border tonight, and by Saturday afternoon this front will be moving through. The wave cyclone will be producing a nice snowstorm in eastern Canada.


We are in a dry pattern at the moment, even though it did rain a bit this morning.  But, are we really in a dry pattern? We have had over 10″ of rain this month already, so it had to dry out a bit.  What lies ahead?


This next map, above, shows the series of storm systems developing in the westerly flow.  The LRC actually describes the flow over all of the Northern Hemisphere from the equator to the poles, and is primarily concentrated in the westerly belt. This model is one of many solutions for what happens around day 10.  The models are all over the place every few hours, as they should be. Eventually Weather2020 will KNOW when the models are right and when they are wrong.  Right now the pattern is still setting up, as it began just two weeks ago.

It will be great weekend of weather for the KC Marathon, the Kansas Speedway activities, and the Sunday Night Football game. Go Chiefs. Big game! I think if they win, they are on their way to 13-3 or 14-2. If they lose, 11-5 is possible, or even 10-6. So, this is a big game.

Have great day.


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2 comments to Friday Weather Thoughts

  • Richard

    For the last several blogs there is no link from this one to 2020.
    You have always mentioned 2020 on here, since 2020 went from pay to free.
    Anyway, thought I would tell you that the 2020 blog has been lagging behind this one.
    I can read the blog here, but it is not showing up over on 2020 at the same time. Yesterday it took nearly an hour.

    Have a great weekend

  • Rockdoc


    I was just over on Weather 2020 and cannot post in the comments section. There is no comment section to post to. Have you closed this down?