Frigid Thursday Morning & a look ahead!

Good morning bloggers,

It was TWO BELOW at just before midnight which will be Wednesday’s official low temperature.   At 5:38 AM the temperature dropped to a record breaking TWELVE DEGREES BELOW ZERO at KCI Airport! I just tried to take Breezy and Stormy outside, but they came back in after 45 seconds.  It will warm up today with abundant sunshine, but it will likely be below zero until around 10 AM and then temperatures will jump as the Arctic high pressure area moves away.  Here are some of the morning lows:

  • Lawrence:  -16º
  • St. Joseph:  -14º
  • KCI Airport:  -12º (record low)
  • New Century Airport, Gardner: -11º

The National Weather Service in Pleasant Hill, MO compiled all of the snowfall reports from their weather observers and came up with this great snowfall chart:

Kansas City was just one and a half counties away from a 20 inch snowstorm.  The center of this snowstorm was over northern Henry and eastern Johnson counties on the Missouri side.  Warrensburg, MO was the bulls eye with 23 inches of snow. In Kansas City we may not have had 23 inches, but we have had 26 inches of snow since January 9th which is just incredible.  You should check out my blog at LRC Weather and see how this storm compares to the same part of the cycling weather pattern in the first two cycles of this year’s LRC (Lezak’s Recurring Cycle).  Click on LRC Weather Blog to see the comparison and let us know what you think.

The weather pattern is just not going to give us a break, although we see a very good chance of a storm that will blast into the west coast within two weeks. The models haven’t really shown this yet, but when it happens there should be at least a brief warm-up ahead of a developing storm system.  I will go into more details on this possibility soon.  In the mean time another Arctic blast will be organizing and moving in next week. Will there be a storm associated with it? Take a look at one of the many forecasts we are getting for the upper level flow this weekend:

The models have been all over the place with this next system heading into the central part of  the United States.  I circled the X which is the vorticity maximum or an upper level disturbance strengthening as it dives southeast towards Kansas City.  In this part of the LRC we have seen this wave dive harder south and we must watch it closely.  It should be the begining of yet another huge eastern storm system, but will it form fast enough or dive harder to bring us another chance of snow?  We will be monitoring the new data on the next few model runs to see if it starts digging harder.  The huge snow pack will likely influence the weather pattern as well and I am expecting this system to dig harder south than what the models have been showing. 

Here is a picture of Breezy and Stormy in the snow. They love it, but I doubt they will like it this morning when I take them out into the extreme cold:

I am going to get on five layers of clothes and take the dogs outside, and then feed them, and then I will be on my way to get a good workout in. I haven’t worked out yet this week with all of the weather distractions. I hope you all have a great Thursday. Let us know if you have any questions or comments. 


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106 comments to Frigid Thursday Morning & a look ahead!

  • numbers

    My dog jumped into a huge snow drift and then panicked because he couldn’t get out of it!

  • Randy Cooper - Storm Chaser


    I was just looking back at the Winter Forecast you came up with back in November. Its kinda funny(totally not criticizing or trying to cause problems, just pointing it out) that the forecast was calling for only 13″ of snow this winter, but yet we have (I believe) double that. What do you think is the reason for that? Could the LRC have been “off” when you made the forecast? I just find it kind of interesting.

    • Randy,

      I have discussed this many times. The LRC isn’t off at all. It is cycling at around 45 to 53 days. We are moving into the fourth cycle of this year’s LRC. What was off is my snowfall prediction based on it. I picked out the pattern really well. I weighed in La Niña way too much. This will end up being the snowiest La Niña in the around 20 years we have records for. Anyway, it is just one bad forecast. There have been many successful ones based on the LRC and we will learn and do better the next time!


      • blue8091


        I am new to your blog, as well as new to nbc action news (why I have no idea..just didn’t have in favs) but I wanted to tell you I am very much impressed with your weather information. So much so that I’ve left the other stations in the dust!

        I really enjoy your blog and find it, along with MOST of the comments, extremely interesting and informative and I have a new favorite place for weather information!

        I’m a little envious of Stormy and Breezy – I have a shih tzu who is as tall as this last snow! I have to have “snow blower guy” come and make a maze in backyard and then MAYBE he will last 2-3 minutes in these sub zero temps! When it warms up a bit though, it becomes his personal racing course!

        Keep up the great work – IMO you really are the most informed of all the KC Metro area stations. Thanks for the committment.

  • Randy, what amazes me is we had just came off 3 solid months of virtually no rain, so nobody here doubted that 13″ inches was not realistic. I’m just thankful that this drought period from last fall is over..hopefully…

    In all honestly, Winter loses it’s welcome with me around this time a year.. a foot of snow was just really too much work for me. I am really swore from shoveling yesterday. I’m glad we didn’t see 20+ inches..

  • This cold isn’t all that much fun, but I did finally get to do an experiment that I’ve always wanted to try when it was below zero outside. Throwing out a pot of boiling water is fun, but I still can’t get it to completely work. Most of the time I just get a big white cloud for a minute before it drifts away.

    I’m only looking forward to a small, WET snow, or spring now!

  • Wow! It’s cold. 8 miles northeast of the airport, I’m showing an amazing -18.6! Can this be right? See my thermometer (“http://www.flickr.com/photos/4acrefarm/5413270888/”). It’s an Oregon Scientific digital/remote thermometer which has seemed accurate in the past. I actually have two of them. One, on the northeast corner of the house is showing -15, the other, which sits 10 feet lower than the first one, and on the southwest side of the house, 4 feet in the air, 15 feet out from the house is showing this incredible -18.6 reading.

  • Those winter storm warnings for Brownsville to Houston, TX look weird on the map

  • kane

    Cold. I know that this storm was amazing.Cold. I was out in it plowing snow and it just didn’t say blizzard to me. Cold. I know that it fit the criteria but it was not what I thought it would be. Cold. Not that I am complaining. Cold. All in all I was impressed with how quickly the roads were cleared. Cold. Not saying that because I do it. Just that I know what it takes and was really surprised when I left for work late Tuesday night and the roads were actually great. Cold. I know there are a few towns that have problems but I think it is more budget, traffic and the nature of the streets them selves. i.e. downtown. Cold. Downtown would have to be very difficult to plow. Cold. I was kinda out of things for a while but I did not here many reports of major issues. 70 was closed and a few off ramps were having trouble. Cold. But nothing seemed that unusual. Cold. I would have guessed that many streets would have been shut down. Cold. It seems like when we have a 2-6 inch snow it takes for ever to get the streets cleared. Cold. But when we have close to a foot, it is done relatively quick. Cold. Well everyone have a great day. Keep warm. Did I mention it’s cold?

    • Kane,

      The road crews did the best job that I have ever seen them do. They were prepared, aggressive, and they got the job done! GREAT JOB! Now, the blizzard didn’t quite fit the criteria. We never had 35 mph sustained winds for three consecutive hours. That is the only criteria that was not met. Visibilities were under 1/4 mile for about six hours with snow and blowing snow, however. So, it was close!


      • kane

        Oh. I didn’t know that the criteria was not met. It was still impressive. It just wasn’t what I expected. I couldn’t believe how quickly we were able to clear the roads. Normally when it is very cold it takes some time to get things cleaned up. I wonder if it was a “dry” snow that helped efforts. Crews are still working but most things are done. I would have expected it to take two or three days to get roads back to normal driving conditions.

  • udndcs

    Today’s averages – 41/22

    Is that too much to ask???

    • JFTtown

      Apparently it is WAY too much to ask. But if we keep these below average trends going…we should achieve consistent 40 degree high temps by April. Woo Hooo!!!

  • Don

    I loved the blizzard! I shoveled for hours during the blizzard and that made the final clean up the day after easy. It will be interesting to see what the next storm brings.

    And to think…I was all bummed out about not having a fun winter. Darn that global warming.

  • NastyWeather

    Workout? Heck going up those sledding hills over and over in that deep snowpack made me skip the gym. Not to mention the shoveling. Kind of a double bonus getting excercise and having fun with the kids.

    I realize it’s way too early to talk about Spring but am I the only one thinking about how serious the flooding WILL BE when that monster rolls through with even more warm moist air in a few months?

    Regardless I’m still enjoying winter for now.

  • Northlander57

    I think everyone did a great job mentally preparing us for this storm. I also think MODOT and KCMO did a wonderful job with the roads. I swam out of the neighborhood yesterday and found downtown to be amazingly clean. Best I had seen it in years and this was a huge storm! My thanks to those crews who spent hours and hours out in the storm. Now…if I could just find somewhere to put all the snow from our driveway…we are running out of room. Will need to spend more time on it today to clear a wider path. Please tell me that Sun/Monday’s next chance is nothing to speak of…I am ready for a warm, sunny day.

  • kane

    Gary. Quick question. How do you news folks always make it to work? It seems like you are always there. Except when you are on vacation. Do you get hotel rooms or stay at the studio when the weather is bad? Or do you have a clone.

    • Kane,

      They put us up in hotels Tuesday and Tuesday night. But, in my entire career this is the first time that we actually needed them. Usually we just make it through the snow. Last year’s Christmas blizzard was quite a challenge going to work for two days in a row. But, we make it there!


      • kane

        Still impressed but let down. I was hoping you were going to say you had a clone. Nonetheless, most people have flexibility. Either their work can wait or someone else can take care of it. When you can’t make it I am sure that it is tough to get one of the other guys in.

        • MikeT1

          before i became a wuss, i used to judge how bad it was based on whether the news media made it in, particularly the radio team i listen to. figured that if they can make it in, i can make in. they don’t ALL own 4-wheel drive vehicles! now i’m a wuss :-) and don’t worry about it… just work from home.

  • Minus 13 southern Blue Springs 6:30 am out by lake Jacomo.
    Gary great work by your team.
    Modot really did an outstanding job through this as well.

  • Gary,
    This winter is reminding me of the winter of 1993 and then the flooding in the summer of 1993. Do you see any correlation at this point? Just curious.

    Thanks Gary,

    • Barbara,

      It may seem like the winter of 1992-1993, but it is very different. I would say last winter rivaled that winter. But, I know what you are saying.


  • Hey ther Gary : My wife works for Johnson County and she heard that another storm was in the making on or around VALENTINES DAY, ” She said ask Gary he should know” how would some one there at the county know.

    • Yes, that would be what we called “the wet storm” earlier in the season, but these other storms have been wetter with snow. Let’s see how it sets up around the middle of the month.

  • kellyinkc

    They listened to the little animal station last night. That person said they were watching something around Valentines Day.

  • sportsfreaked

    Well good job Gary nailing the low. I thought -5 at best. That is why I am the recliner wetaher guy and you are the professional!

    Way to cold for my dog Liberty as well. She loves to be outside sitting on the deck. She went out with Zeus (my other dog), and he came right in after his business and she sat on the deck for 3 minutes then she wanted in. When she does that I know it is very cold!

    It will be interesting to see if this next chance for a storm comes together for our area. Have a good day everyone and stay warm!!


  • OK I will tell her Thanks Gary

  • kellyinkc

    If this mid month is the “wet storm” hoo boy!!!!!

  • ottawa

    Minus 18 at home this morning! Ridiculous. We live in a valley east of Ottawa, so we always seem to get a little colder than around us, but still ridiculously cold.

  • goodlifegardens

    323rd & hwy 7 Garden City/Creighton I show -9.8 overnight. 0.1 at 8:45 AM. I was hoping you would be wrong but you were right on. Let the water drip all night and this morning that’s all it was doing. Opened up all faucets and it flowed in about 5 minutes. Cows can’t eat enough, take in all I give them. Brought the pitch fork in last night so the handle would be warm. Made a big difference for my hands as compared to yesterday. Ice froze about 2 inches thick overnight. When the water splashes up it freezes in the air and leaves little round balls on my coat. Road crew went threw yesterday and took the top 2 ft off the 4 ft drifts. I guess they couldn’t go to the ground with the equipment available. Really look forward to July. In fact I’ve been counting down the days to the first of March. At least then there will be hope that life will return to the earth.

  • This is the best weather… except when u have a brother who has the flu and your not feeling good yourself (sore throat, aches,etc, but bring on more snow!!!

  • R-Dub

    -5 in downtown OP last night, what I expected. We never drop nearly as far as KCI does.

    I’m wondering if it will really fall all the way back down to 2 tonight with SW winds…they are coming over the snowpack but the winds usually slow down the radiational cooling.

  • R-Dub

    0z GFS shows the “wet storm” mid-month as being wet, as in rain wet.

  • ‘www.crh.noaa.gov/images/eax/events/feb012011/20110201MetroSnow.PNG’ For what it’s worth, the NWS metro snowfall map seems to verify my educated guess of about 9 inches at my location in KC North near the I-29/I-35 split. An anomalous area of lower snowfalls exists in the KC North region. I did not submit a snowfall report to NWS because it was not an actual measurement, just an estimate, so my estimate had no effect on their map plot.

  • kellyinkc

    R-Dub is that rain or freezing rain……..

    • R-Dub

      Rain. KC is closer to the 50 degree line than to the freezing line, which is in Iowa.

      • This will be an interesting storm to watch. Without looking at the GFS, I am going to say the cold air will be further south putting us a bit more in cold air. Snow pack and the AO trend has me thinking this. Could be the classic warm up to cool down split area/mix precip kinda thing.

  • bobosobo


    I hope I never hear another word about 13 inches. It’s been discussed on TV and on here ad nauseum. Let’s ban the number 13 from the blog LOL

    I hope people read up on global warming and let’s not start another argument for or against. But alot of people seem to think global warming means it should be hot all the time and that’s a big misconception on what it means. I see that thrown out all the time on how cold it is so there blows global WARMING. Read up and don’t make the mistake of thinking you know what it means.

    • Global warming is really an unfortunate name for it. I think regional climate change would make it easier for people to understand.

      • ravenscroft

        Really,then explain why the gurus at East Angela wrote that snowfall would become a quaint tale we told our kids. You cooked up the fairy tale now man up and deal with it. It is called G.W, because it was going to get hotter and hotter till we died. The colder to get hotter line of logic was just a ploy to give this donkey so more self life,

        • R-Dub

          You realize they were talking about snow in England, and not the US, right?

          Either way, the impacts of climate change at any one location are difficult to predict, and many forecasts of these changes will end up being wrong.

          However, the data still show an increase in overall global temperature. This is consistent with the basic physics and chemistry associated with emitting trillions of tons into the atmosphere. The small scale details are difficult to predict, but that does not mean the basic theory is wrong.

        • bobosobo

          No need to be nasty. I know Gary doesn’t like this topic in here because of the snarkiness that ensues. Whether you believe in it or not, throwing the comment out there lightly is what I was referring to nothing more.

  • kellyinkc


    • Don’t want to start a big War over this. But seriously. I guess the earth’s weather has always been like we know it from the last couple hundred years huh… There was never vast deserts, never an ice-age, Greenland has always been covered in snow… So the climate is changing now! haha It must be mankind and capitalism, just must! Let’s spend a few more thousand dollars per person, each year(yes that’s you if you own a car or heat/cool a house) in the name of this unknown alarmism. Now, lets get back to the coming storm on Monday and knock this off since I’m sure nobody will change their opinions from a weather blog anyway.

      • R-Dub

        Natural climate change and human-caused climate change are not mutually exclusive. They can both be happening simultaneously. So if your argument is based purely on ‘the climate has changed before’, well, then, that’s not a very strong argument.

        • and Al Gore has a gift to differentiate I suppose. ;) I’m sorry, but logic, and the fact that the GW crowd has repeatedly lied and cooked the books(eg East Angelia leaked emails)Then the fact that no matter what happens, it must be G warming, and no matter what they have said on record(ie kids in the US will not know what snow is), they are always right?? It’s always we need to give more in taxes, more $$$ for many different and harmful(MTBE) gas additives, lose more jobs for more regulations etc etc. It gets really old. US businesses are at a HUGE disadvantage over this junk science, yet the madness continues with no proof, no rising sea levels, nothing! R Dub, your dragging me into this. lol

          • JohnP

            Scott I am afraid that you simply (along with many) do not understand. It is called Global Warming and not “Regional Warming” for a reason. The evidence supporting global warming are quite strong — the mean temperature of the atmosphere is getting warmer. The polar ice caps are melting – these are facts. Now believe it or not Global Warming can and does generate colder weather in many regions – to some degree because the warming of the poles actually makes with waters colder by injected melted snow into them.

            You make fun of something that you clearly do not understand, better get some reliable reading done first and the speak,


            • Nope, I am not saying the global temperature isn’t rising. What I am saying is that it has risen MUCH higher in the past. And the change is so small,it truly is errelevent in the scheme of things. The evidence of the ice caps melting is still out. We do know that the satellite used to measure some of it had unknowingly moved in it’s orbit, causing erroneous readings. And we do know that the sea levels are not rising, at least not appreciably. In fact they rose more in the early part of this century. Why is that?? None of this so called evidence would stand up in a court of law. Yet we as Americans pay dearly for all of this. You do know that the scientist have a stake in PROVING this, as to not lose funding.


            • bobosobo

              Thank you JohnP, I guess I should have just that. It is what global warming is to me.

              Pro or against, you can always find information out there to support the theory of any subject you choose. I happen to believe there’s something to global warming. We’ve seen the ice caps melting, we’ve seen animals come to near extinction because of diminishing areas (polar bears).

              True dat that nobody is going to be persuaded on a weather blog or any other blog for that matter.

              • bobosobo


                Just a quick article of an example of the argument. I suppose the rebuttal is that scientists control the movement and minds of everyone at The Discovery Channel or another I found with National Geographic.

                • More lies, more deciet. I guess I just “simply do not understand” ;) “http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2010/feb/21/sea-level-geoscience-retract-siddall”

                  another good read “http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2007/11/07/weather-channel-founder-global-warming-greatest-scam-history”

                  • bobosobo

                    Like my point says, you can find something on the internet to back up any theory on any subject. If you want to swear the sky isn’t blue but that it’s really zebra striped you just find the articles on the net that back up what you want.

                    The bad with the good of the net or the political rhetoric programs is that so much is told to us what to think and believe and we dutifully follow.

                    Now back to the weather outside, which is damn cold.

                  • JohnP

                    Scott you are using Journalism not science. Find a scientific, peer reviewed article NOT newspapers and magazines and then we can talk.

                    I am a scientists and there is a reason why there is a process in science that must be followed, just because one has Ph.D. next to their name is simply not enough.

                    If you do find a scientific articles published in a peer review journal then we can speak intelligently about it, but magazines and newspapers simply do not meet the standard.

                    What you present are opinions and not scientific facts. The ice caps are melting – no argument can exist.

                    The only area that we can not be conclusive is the influence we (humans) have on this phenomenon. Would it have happened regardless? Are we accelerating it? No evidence exist that can give us confidence in answering one way or another.


                    • Excuse me? By your standards, no body of evidence would ever be accessible to anyone outside of your science community. So we have the foxes watching the foxes, watching the chicken coop…
                      I have no stake in this game, other than watching the collapse of the US and Worlds economies, and hoping to see a better life for my children. The facts are, the GW crowd has repeatedly lied. Do you dispute that? Are you saying that the 2009 sea level report was not flawed? It WAS so flawed that it had to be retracted by the sponsors for gross errors was it not? I can show you video testimony of the lies told 10 years ago by “scientists”, that our children would not know snow. Do you also deny that weather channel founder John Coleman claims it is all a hoax, or “the greatest scam in history”? What’s his motive? I do know that David Keith, cited above has a front company, Carbon Engineering that stands to make millions or billions if he can convince us to ban CO2, you know,that which we humans exhale… What about Joe Bastardi from AccuWeather? He believes it to be a hoax as well,and makes a good case to hope the earth is warming. It costs much more in energy, and food is much more expensive, on a colder planet. And another local met that I can’t name on here believes GW is all nonsense. But the climate change “experts”, who have everything to lose if they announced tomorrow that there is no global warming, are to be given a free pass on all their so called facts and studies, despite the many lies…
                      I guess I just “simply do not understand”, as you say. ;)

                  • 1. Newsbusters is a notoriously far right website. All news items from any site of either extreme should be taken with a grain of salt.

                    2. John Coleman did indeed found TWC. John Coleman was also our local ABC-affiliate weatherman when I was growing up. On 100 degree days, he wore swimming trunks and people off camera threw buckets of water at him. Everyone thought he was nuts.

                    3. Please do not think that linking to a British newspaper means you are linking to facts. The Guardian is a rag. It’s the paper that first picked up the Obama-$200M-a-day” trip to India story…except the Guardian story said it was $200 Billion. Again, grain of salt. Make that a block of salt.

                    Seriously, if you want to convince people, find some credible sources.

                    • Well it seems to be hard to find much reporting from the mainstream US media, which falls on the left to far left… Other than the one news station that I’m sure you’d try and discredit. Are you saying that my information is not true? Please show me any link or credible reporting to the contrary. I’m dying to see that my links are a hoax. :D

                    • blue8091

                      Well, either way – this bunch is standing their ground.

  • yewtrees

    Today is the 1st day of Spring according to the Lunar calendar. To all Asian bloggers here, Happy Chinese New Year!!!

  • EmmysMom

    REALLY hoping people are wrong about another snow storm around Valentine’s Day! My daughter’s 5th birthday party is Saturday the 12th and she has been really, really looking forward to it (as have I)!

    • @EmmysMom – I wouldn’t worry about it yet. Lots of time left for the specific details. Be aware, but don’t change any plans. That storm is part of the pattern that created the tornado outbreak in St. Louis, but brought KC just some rain. Also, it came about 20 days after the Dec 11th event we just had, so it may be a bit beyond the 12th. Food for thought, this last storm we had I took a screen image of the GFS at 384 hrs showing it would begin to arrive on the 24th. As we saw, it was days later. Long range, the GFS can show significant timing issues..

  • kellyinkc

    Interesting, from the Farmers Alamanac:

  • heavysnow

    Before you worry about the Mid Feb storm, you might want to check out the storm potential on Wednesday the 9th.

  • kellyinkc

    Heavysnow, please link the model. I would not be surprised if we get another one.

  • Deer_Hunter

    I would like to hear Beer_Hunter Scott’s and even Mowermike’s global warming beliefs. That oughta be rich!

    I’m sure they are self-proclaimed experts-they are on everything else.

    • MikeT1

      i’d be more interested in hearing their thoughts on the affects of ocean currents on the fish population off Chile, but not on this blog.

    • @Dear_Head – the day you can follow along with my thoughts is the day I will share with you my opinion on climate. That should be about the time they dig you up as a fossil. ;-)

      • bobosobo

        Point one for Scott. Today shows Deer Hooter is on for no other reason than to mention someone’s names. Kristi, don’t you have a Mafia Wars game to get back to instead of posing as another losing facet of your personality?

  • Jacob Honeycutt

    Here is a look at the GFS for the possible storm on Monday and then on Wednesday and Thursday of next week. Looks like snow will overtake the area once again. This can still change but right now we must watch it.


    • @Jacob – I am not sure what you are trying to show, but that is one of the oddest ways I have seen to show a storm. PTYPE makes much more sense in determining what is going to fall, not when, where or how much.

  • Grambo624

    Tell me more about possible storms this weekend (Sun/Mon) and Wed Feb. 9?

    Brian in Lee’s Summit

    • @Grambo – I am more intrigued by the mid week storm, but I suppose the others should be watched. Still having a snow pack on our street, a small storm really doesn’t matter to me. LOL

      • Grambo624

        Im a teacher who drives from Lee’s Summit to KCK. I dont want to travel that far in bad conditions. I love my snow days. I think the teachers enjoy them more than the students. But Im really starting to get concerned about teaching into June. Oh well! Keep ‘em coming!

      • opeterson

        So what are your thoughts on the midweek storm?

  • Grambo624

    Happy Birthday to my brother, Mike and Jenn in Lee’s Summit. Another faithful blog follower.

  • Screaming Yellow Zonker

    You haven’t had a workout yet this week? YOU HAVEN’T HAD A WORKOUT YET THIS WEEK?????????

    WELL I HAVE!!!!!! At least four hours of shoveling and my boyfriend four hours of shoveling that makes eight hours of shoveling between the two of us!!!!!!!!

    I won’t have to do pushups for six months!!!!!!!

  • Jacob Honeycutt

    Here is a look at the GFS for the possible storm on Monday and then on Wednesday and Thursday of next week. Looks like snow will overtake the area once again. This can still change but right now we must watch it.


    Jacob Honeycutt
    State Storm Force Chief Forecaster

    • Grambo624


    • @Jacob – Another bizarre view of tracking. Could you find another way of viewing the storm that is less course? Oh..and love the title. LOL. Why did you stop short with Chief Forecaster? Why not God of Weather?

      • Jacob Honeycutt

        Haha. I look at much more in-depth models but I thought that what I posted would give the bloggers an idea of what is possible. And about the title, I am a professional storm chaser with the State Storm Force and of our team of forecasters, I am the chief. You can visit our facebook page for my forecasts and updates. You can add us as a friend.

        • chopperHD

          Jacob…shrug the comments off about your title. I appreciate the simplistic view. How does one go about joining a stormchaser a time or two? My friend and I have been looking at taggin along a time or two. Thoughts?

          • Jacob Honeycutt

            I would like to talk with you about this on a private message. You can look us up on facebook and add us as a friend and I can speak with you there, or you can email me at weather@kc.rr.com.

            • Jacob Honeycutt

              I would like to talk with you about this on a private message. You can look us up on facebook and add us as a friend and I can speak with you there, or you can email me at weather @ kc.rr.com…

          • Randy Cooper - Storm Chaser


            I will be hosting ride-alongs this year for anyone who may want to go. Please email me at randy@severestudios.com for more info if you are interested.

  • Screaming Yellow Zonker

    Oh and by the way “Big Dig” my foot. I share a driveway with a couple of 30-year-old guys. They let a 65-year-old and a 54-year-old do ALL the shoveling. I’m the 54-year-old, and I’m OK with it because if I want to I can spread it out over days and take the bus. But I worry about my 65-year-old sweetie overdoing it all at once to prove his mettle or because he doesn’t believe me that an otherwise fit person can still overdo it shoveling snow.

    After that blizzard last year, some people at work in their 50’s had heart attacks, and I asked a nurse and googled why people who regularly work out can have heart attacks from shoveling snow. I picked up a few pointers: take 15 minute breaks every hour; don’t do it first thing in the morning after caffeine; take it slow; don’t do it when it’s extremely cold like below zero; Jeri? do you have more pointers? are you a cardiac nurse? Anyway, I kept nagging and watchdogging my 65-year-old sweetie after what I had learned last year. Last year, he showed up at 5 a.m. and did my driveway without my knowing he was out there, but that is before I googled about what makes shovelers have heart attacks. This year I wanted to do it in stages even over several days if necessary, but thank goodness it wasn’t wet and heavy.

    Jeri, again… do you have any pointers about shoveling and cardiac health to share…thanks. I didn’t notice myself getting short of breath or anything but we did like 45 mins and took like two hour or more breaks.

    • Zonkers , I’m actually a respiratory therapist that works with heart and lung patients, primarlity in the ER. I think your info and what you did is really great. I see very wise choices you are making.

      One problem is people who are completely out of shape suddenly doing strenuous exercise. Anyone prone to cardiac issues should not shovel, period. I get people who have massive MI’s and heat stroke out on the golf course in the warm weather too. If you are in shape you should be fine. If someone is a couch potato, be careful. Taking breaks is a must and someone should stop at the first sign of weakness, dizziness, shortness of breath or chest pain.

      Always push across, it is the lifting and throwing the snow that causes the most stress on the system.

      I got my snow thrower last night. It is just too cold to go out today and use it. But it appears I have many more opportunities to try it out.

  • weatherfanatic

    What is the mid week storm looking like?

  • weatherfanatic

    I think we should talk about weather now.

  • luvmygsp

    Gary, PLEASE – lay off your “gym updates”. We don’t care. The ones where you describe what you’re working out (delts, traps, ect.) are especially obnoxious. It’s a WEATHER blog. You’re the WEATHER guy. Leave it at that.


    • chopperHD

      luvmygsp….Are you serious? This is Gary’s blog, He gives us bloggers the freedom of discussion and you pick at his personal touch to his weather cast? If you don’t like it, stay off the blog otherwise, only read what you want. I mean seriously, do people have to complain about everything?

      Gary and his team do a remarkable job with the weather and as I said in a previous post, I was at NASA recently and his LRC was talked about briefly. Gary knows his stuff so give him the same respect and discussion freedom he gives you….OK

  • restull

    Please give some snow to SW Kansas! Very concerning time period with brutal cold air and very little to no snow for protection! Many farmers are seriously concerned and are already thinking of talking to insurance adjusters.

    • @restull – indeed. Next week’s storm has a chance to help out, but certainly the lack of moisture is a serious concern. Pray for the 18z GFS solution. LOL. It is going to be tough with this pattern. Hang in there!

  • My friend said it’s snowing, Again! Holden Mo. Looks like it’s coming right at me in NE Cass county, Strasburg MO How Much?!?