The Next Round Of Thunderstorms

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Tornadoes damaged communities from northeast Oklahoma into Missouri. Carl Junction, MO, just northwest of Joplin,  Here are the storm reports from yesterday:


The Kansas City viewing area was pretty much skipped over by the worst of last nights storm, and thank goodness.  Jefferson City has some significant damage from what looks like an EF 3 tornado, and Carl Junction, again just west of Webb City north of Joplin, produced this:

Carl Junction

Today’s risk is back to the west:


This is the week we targeted to be one of the two big weeks for severe weather four months ago, and we are in the middle of it now.  There may be another big week when the “blizzard part of the LRC” cycles back through.  We called it that because of the Kansas City blizzard on November 25th, but that part of the pattern also produce a one foot snowstorm and a 10″ rainfall event in other cycles, and that is still two to three weeks away.  What also happened in that part of the pattern?  Major Hurricane Michael developed and blasted into the Florida Panhandle.  Weather2020 has predicted Michael, Gordon, Florence, and Alberto in the past year, all weeks to months before those storms had a cloud.  And, Harvey, Maria, and Irma the year before.  We will be monitoring closely for a tropical storm in that June 5 to June 15 window.  And, as you know, and I will post it again here because we are sharing something quite special with you over the past few years/  Did you know that the bloggers named the LRC? I just called it my theory back in the early 2000s, and you all named it.  Regardless of what it is named, we are sharing something special. Here again is that forecast for this week:

1Weather App From January 13

I think we can all agree, that this 127 day forecast issued January 13th and posted on the 1Weather App, has verified.  And, the risks keep coming.


There is a trough hanging out aloft over the southwestern United States, and a summertime anticyclone, or upper level high height area, centered over the Florida Panhandle.  It will be close to 100 degrees over the southeastern United States this weekend, and there is enough flow over the plains to produce the conditions for more tornadoes and severe thunderstorms.


This HRRR model shows the thunderstorms organizing way out west at 10 PM tonight. I lean in this direction, which brings any thunderstorm risk and severe weather threat a bit later tonight.  I still have some more analysis to do.

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the Action Weather Blog featuring Weather2020 and the LRC.  Go over to and click on the blog there and join in the conversation as we share more of the LRC with you and share in this weather experience.





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